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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Remodel Me Shopping Trips - A Few of My Favorite Things

One of the fun things with having a "remodel me" goal was I got to go shopping for my improvement items. How fun is that!?

Here's a few of the things I picked up.
Tunic from Lane Bryant. It's a darker red than it shows.

Found this top at TJ Maxx. Love the hematite beading.

Picked this up at Lane Bryant. The diet is working!

Needed something cute to wear with jeans.

My old Birks were one of the shoe pairs that hit the trash. Too beat up. This is their replacement.

Another replacement. I tossed my beloved black slip-ons this fall. All the shoes are from TJ Maxx.

I was just TIRED of my 2 casual black purses, so I replaced them with this one. Again... TJ Maxx.

Ahhh... my syrups for my Eiro shakes. Most of them I get at Home Goods, tho I've found good ones at World Market too. I have Almond, Amaretto, Hazelnut, Honey Vanilla and Cherry.


  1. Those syrups are calling to me, I just know they have sugar!! Nice new duds Teri! ~Lili

  2. There's both sugar and sugar free. The sugar free is excellent. I get it when they have it in the flavor I'm after.


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