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Sunday, February 14, 2010

MY snow list

They've gone and done it again!

The "S-word" has been uttered!

And wouldn't you know it, I needed to make a grocery stop to replenish from being out-of-town for a week. I'm beginning to think there is some sort of correlation between my being out of milk and white stuff falling from the sky.

Pulling into Wal-Mart's parking lot was a scary thing. First... it was parked up to the very end. Never a good thing. Second... people who were leaving the store were coming out with brimming buggys. Oh joy... So I started what the other cars were doing and became a land shark...cruising the parking lot looking for someplace that wouldn't require a 15 minute hike to reach the front door.

I think God took pity on my aching bones (have you ever noticed that older docs never say you can't tell the weather by your aches?) because I scored a parking spot just 5 spaces from the front door.

Joining the thundering herd going in the door, I glanced at some of the buggys in the checkout lines. Every one of them had at least 2 gallons of milk. That helped me to decide where to start... in the back of the store where the milk is. The clerks were filling the milk shelves almost as fast as they were empting and I snagged my 2 gallons (when in Rome...). Thankfully I didn't need or want anything in the next 3 jam-packed aisles... beer, toilet paper, diapers.

But that got me to thinking about what my "it's going to snow list" would look like. Definitely NOT the standard Clarksville sundries of milk-bread-beer-diapers-lunch meat-toilet paper.

No, I decided my list would look more like this:

*fixings for hot chocolate
*steaks to grill (what a hoot to grill while it's snowing!)
*a couple of fresh veggies to go with those steaks
*a can of sweetened condensed milk to make snow ice cream
*safflower seeds for the bird feeder to keep the sky rats out of it
*sweet feed for the deer to keep them out of the bird feeders

Now THAT'S a proper snow shopping list!!


  1. SNOW ICE CREAM...sure does bring back some wonderful childhood memories:) HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!


  2. "I'm beginning to think there is some sort of correlation between my being out of milk and white stuff falling from the sky."

    Quick! Get up to Vancouver and swiftly run out of milk! The IOC would gladly pay for your trip, I'm thinking :-)


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