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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Accessories from My Travels

Now that I have my clothes and shoes in order, it was time to look at my accessories. Even tho I have some lovely pieces I just didn't use them very often. Guess I didn't need them with my T shirt, jeans and Nikes. So it was time to pull all that out too.

I quickly noticed most of my accessories are things I've picked up when I travel. In thinking about it I realize when I travel I feel more saucy. Likewise I am attracted to the vibrant "pretties" I see in the various cultures. Every one of them has a memory attached. It is time to start using them!


*Silver necklace from Natchez, MS. Mom and I went on a week plus some "Chick Trip" down the Natchez Trace. In Natchez we stayed in a casino hotel - great rates, cheap food over at the casino and free tokens to use in the casino. I bought this necklace using the money I won during our stay. Can't beat free jewelry!
*Raku pine sprig pendent from Austin, MN. Himself has family in Austin and we visit there each fall. There is a great local art gallery in the mall. The prices are unbelievable and the work excellent.
*Art glass pendent from Lynch, KY. This piece was made by a glass artist and was donated to a mission organization to sell in their gift shop. I went on multiple mission trips to this coal mining town and always picked up some sort of art glass as a memento.
*Zuni fetish bead necklace. One year Himself and I took a 5 week road trip thru the SW United States. This necklace was from a Native American shop.
*Beadwork necklace from Austin, MN. Another example of the lovely artists in Austin.


*Maasai bracelets. We sponsor a Maasai boy through Compassion and when we visited him, I was given these bracelets as a gift.
*Rings. The lower ring was made at the Kazuri bead shop, a women's self help organization. The upper ring is made from cow's horn. I picked it up in a street market.
*Bead necklace (far right). Purchased from a vendor at Fourteen Falls. It's made of seeds from the "Jacob's Tears" plant. Not only did I get a cool necklace, I got a great photo of the vendor too.
*Dyed bone beads (far left). Himself bought this for me at Amboseli.
*Maasai seed beads. This necklace is long and heavy. It easily wraps double. It must have taken the lady forever to string all those tiny, tiny beads.
*Copper ankle band. More street artistry.

These were all purchased in the Mercado in Addis Abeba.

*Malachite necklace from Dar Es Salaam.
*Black and white bracelet made from cow's horn. Done by a Maasai lady.
*Copper wire bracelet. Made by a street artist.

*Jade necklace from the Lake Atitlan region. Purchased from a formidable street vendor! -LOL-
*Jade ring.

*Silver necklace and pendent from Guanajuato. The last day (tourist day) of a mission trip. Best Friend and I were having a grand time shopping. We did pretty well on paring down our Christmas list that day. But this pretty pony stayed with me!

By way of Madison, WI - Nepal
Himself and I stopped in Madison on the way home from one of our trips to see his family. What a cool town. We found the walking street that is lined with local art studios, international shops, and international restaurants. One of the shops was a fair-trade shop with things from Nepal. Himself bought this scarf for me.

Made by ladies at the Nanyuki Weavers. This is another women's self-help group. This scarf was COMPLETELY made on the premises... from the raising of the sheep, shearing, dyeing the wool with natural plant dyes, spinning, and weaving. An amazing place.

Also from Guanajuato. Such a beautiful city - I really want to get back to it some day.
One of several scarves I bought in the markets of Debre Zeit and Addis Abeba. The selections were mind boggling. So beautiful.
I have even more accessories (more scarves and jewelry, purses, etc) but because I've never used them, they are put away containers in the shed. As I come across them when we organize out there this spring, I'll bring them in to add to my now-being-used collection!


  1. Wow! You've been to some amazing places.

  2. Your collection is beautiful even without the memories, but your door is gorgeous! What kind of wood is that??

  3. I love all your scarves and that malachite necklace is so very gorgeous. That is cool how you describe feeling saucy when you travel. No doubt it has to do with your wonderfully eclectic accessories! You are quite the international chick! ~Lili


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