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Monday, March 1, 2010

March Goal - Tame the Paper Tiger

Month Three of my 12 Goals for 2010. I am really pleased at how this is working for me.

This month relates back to my January decluttering goal. A very large and ferocious tiger lives at my house. While March is better known for his cousin (In like a Lion...), this March the Paper Tiger will be going out like a lamb.

In my earlier decluttering, I did not mess with anything "paper". Any and all paper was stuffed in a box and put on its own pallet in the shed. It was already planned to be done later.

It's now later.

There are the old files to go thru and new things to be filed. Some papers I won't be dealing with in a traditional file folder way. I will be making notebooks. Ideas for our home and yard remodeling. Ideas for my crafts I do. A personal notebook to keep "Remodel Me" notes and ideas in. A home record notebook. All paperwork will have a place it belongs.

Books are paper. I'll be going thru them with a heavy hand. I just purchased book shelves at the Habitat for Humanity "ReStore" shop. They're ugly now but repainting them is a March project too. I'll keep ONE shelf worth to list up on http://www.paperbackswap.com/

Magazines are paper. I'll go thru my back issues and pull pages I want. Those will go in a file or notebook. The spent magazine will be tossed in the recycle bin.

Cards are paper. I have more greeting cards and note cards than a Hallmark shop! Those will be sorted, culled and the keepers put in file boxes.

My head hurts just thinking about it all. But it's going to happen and it will be a good thing when it's done!

Just gotta keep telling myself that...


  1. Love your plan and how you have organized everything into categories. Very good plan.

  2. This sounds like exciting stuff! I just love organizing. Yay Teri! GO GO GO!!! (That was a cheer for you.) And I love the origami tiger...what a perfect way to illustrate March! ~Lili


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