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Friday, February 5, 2010

25 New Bits of Trivia about Teri

1. I love being an aunty!

2. I want to travel to places I was told I couldn't when growing up: Vietnam, Cuba, Iran, etc.

3. I'm a baseball Cardinals fan. Go Cards!

4. I'll shop til I drop at Home Goods.

5. The most unusual thing I've ever eaten was owl shish-kebob.

6. My three favorite cuisines are: Ethiopian, Middle Eastern and Russian.

7. I like to go to Hot Springs, AR to hunt for quartz crystals.

8. I do not eat cod.

9. But yes, I will eat certain raw sushi.

10. One of my favorite movies is "An American in Paris" - just to watch Gene Kelly dance!

11. I believe there is a big difference in a "friend' and "someone you know".

12. Doing missions is necessary for my happiness.

13. I was born on Friday the 13th. (No comments from the peanut gallery!)

14. Happiness is having a horse - and May was mine.

15. Person I'd most like to spend a weekend getting to know: Franklin Graham.

16. I believe respect is earned; not conferred with a title.

17. Misha was my rescue greyhound.

18. Sabre was my 50% wolf hybrid.

19. My favorite seafood is scallops.

20. I have a collection of high quality model horses.

21. I will always find a way to amuse myself!

22. I sponsor a native missionary in Africa. http://www.africaforjesus.org/

23. My hobbies are: photography, jewelry making, chip carving, bonsai, and scrapbooks/photobooks.

24. The hobby I am learning now is watercolor painting.

25. Next hobby I want to learn is blacksmithing.


  1. congrats! you've won my blog giveaway for two thank you letterpress notes! please contact me asap for your prize.


  2. I have been watching your 365 challenge. Eh-hem! You are a few days behind. Don't let your fans down!

  3. I'm not home right now to post my pics - but I am taking them! I'll get them up when I get back.

  4. What a great post to read for my first visit.
    I'm interested in knowing what Owl tasted like?

  5. Liss, it was like a combination of duck and ostrich. But not as good as either on their own. Very tough.

  6. Oh. My. Goodness! I could comment on nearly everything you said. For instance, we had a half-wolf dog, also. I was married on Friday, the 13th. A friend is SOOOO much different than someone you know! And Gene Kelly? Have you got a couple of hours? I adoooore watching him.

    What an amazing post.

    Yaya's Changing World

  7. I'd love to cook something Middle Eastern. And those scallops look awesome!

  8. Hi Teri - nice to get to know you. I love being an auntie too!


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