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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Little Bird Time - 7 months old

Just back from spending a week with my family in MO. Part of that visit is what I call my "Little Bird Time". Who would have thought having a baby niece would be so much fun!

I only get to see her about once a month and she changes so much between those visits. This month when I came up the stairs I saw a baby who was sitting up on her own. And when she smiled there were 2 teeth in that grin. Wow! When Himself gets home he won't even recognize her! Last time he saw Little Bird was at Christmas.

The early part of my weeklong visit, Little Bird was fighting her first honking head cold. She was feeling bad enough that on Monday we all made a trip up to her doctor. Little Miss did NOT like getting her ears cleaned out so he could check them. She might have a cold but there is nothing wrong with her lungs! Nothing else wrong with her either and we left with the doctor's advice to treat the symptoms and ride it out.

Poor baby. Even tho she felt absolutely cruddy, she tried so hard to stay happy. It was pitiful to hear her little whimpers after a round of painful coughing. But as soon as it passed, that sweet smile would come out.

However, my Mom (who takes care of Little Bird during the day) informed me that Little Bird takes her medicine just like I did - badly. Little squirrel can whip her head around fast to avoid the medicine dropper. But Mom outfoxed her by mixing it in with her peaches. Good thing a stuffed head affects your sense of taste or else those peaches would have probably been spit out!

By Thursday's visit I was greeted with bright eyes again. And on Friday she was ready for some serious playtime. I delayed starting my drive back to TN by two hours so I could sit on the floor and hear baby laughter. We had a grand time wrestling around and playing with toys.

BTW... guess who now has Little Bird's cold? But you know what... it's worth it for just one of those baby laughs!


  1. Aw, but even her germs must be cute :-)

    Teri, I saw your comment over on my blog and seriously, if you'd like it, it's yours as soon as we take it down. It wouldn't be any trouble as there's a UPS store near here, and it beats the alternative of creating more garbage.

    Let me know, you can hit me at my email addy if you like:


  2. We think she's pretty cute!

    And thanks so much for the lamp. You know what they say: "one person's trash is another's treasure".

  3. What a little cutie. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and you can see the joy she brings you! And kudos to you for continuing on with your goals. Paperwork is just maddening for me, but I like your great ideas for the binders. Also, I like that black and white print blouse you have on...looks very pretty! ~Lili


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