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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Waiting out the storm - boy style

Himself, Best Friend, BF's Sweetie and I went out to a plant auction in "Amish Land" today.  Just before we got home a storm blew into town.  The Pirates called to 'inform' us that the tornado sirens were going off and we had BETTER be home soon!!  Best Friend told them the bad weather was to the north of town but to get into the downstairs bathroom (which is in the center of the house under the stairway) and wait for us to get there... and yes, we were going as fast as we could.

I was the first one inside and this was what I found... "tween" boys idea of how to ride out a tornado warning...

Bring the X Box game, a radio, a blanket, some munchies, the dog and her food all into the little bathroom.

You can see how their priorities lay...  LOL!!! 


  1. I think they TOTALLY had the right idea!

  2. Oh how cute that is! Love that they even brought the doggie some food! ~Lili


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