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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bonsai Classes - Cascade Juniper and Repotting

March was a busy month with the bonsai club. Besides our monthly meeting (which had a repotting demonstration) we had the booth at the Lawn and Garden show and two workshops. The workshops are fantastic!

The first was the "Beginner Bonsai" class. This year we did a cascading juniper.

When we all arrived, Dave gave a lecture on junipers and the cascade form. After our lunch break we went to the workshop where we selected our tree... a very shaggy little juniper that Dave and Barb had already repotted in a tall bonsai pot.

We snipped and hacked and wired and twisted.

And by the end of the two hour hands-on portion, we each had a nice little "baby" bonsai.

The next weekend there was a repotting workshop. Owen invited everyone to the nursery where he works to work on our trees together. The club provided bonsai soil. They also had a few tools & wire if you didn't have your own (not that it was really necessary as I have found the club members to be extremely generous in sharing both their knowledge and supplies).

The day was perfect - sunny and warm, with a cool breeze. I didn't think to count but I believe there were about 15 members who came.

I brought 2 trees - a 'windswept' juniper and a small form of holly. Both little trees as I still need to purchase some larger pots for my taller bonsai. It was a pleasant couple hours working on trees and chatting with other members. Owen worked the group, making sure everyone had the supplies they needed and offering help and much appreciated suggestions.
Here are my trees before repotting--

And after.


  1. Oh how gorgeous! You always have so many fun classes there! ~Lili

  2. That is such a neat class..., I'd love to have a little bonsai around, always thought they are high maintenance..., but I guess if you're in the known, it could be easy.

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