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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Movie Review: "How To Train Your Dragon"

Last night I went to the movie with Best Friend and the Pirates. Pirate 1 and I both like dragons and we've been waiting to see "How To Train Your Dragon" -- in 3D of course!

I was a bit cautious as this is made by the same ones who made "Shreik"... and I personally think there is too base humor in the "Shreik" movies that is not appropriate for kids. So it was a pleasant surprise that there was very little off color humor in this movie. (In fact, I don't remember any.)

It was a fun movie. Animation is good, the 3D effects are quite good. There's a scene with falling ash that it looks like you could slap it away from your face! How cool is that? The one thing I thought was funny is all the Vikings have a Scottish accent!

I can recommend this one for children. It appeals to both boys and girls (the Viking woman are TOUGH). If Hanna was old enough, I would take her to see it.

Might just have to get it for her when it comes out on DVD!

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  1. So you like dragons too! You may like the one in my basement studio. Glad the movie is suitable for all! ~Lili


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