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Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Goals - Curb Appeal

Our property is large... over 5 acres, with about 2 acres of cleared land that is considered to be the "yard". I use the term "yard" loosely because it's closer to being pasture than yard.

Very little landscaping or care has been done, so we are playing a bit of catch up. There's a lot of work to be done. I messed around a bit last year but didn't do much as I wanted to see what I'd be dealing with thru every season. Early work included widening the driveway entrance and enlarging the upper parking area (where guest park). Ripping out a lot of overgrown shrubs that had been planted in areas far too small for their mature growth. Planting my daylilies, irises and daffodils. Laying out some mulch.

Other than that, I've been doing a lot of planning.

Now it's time to put some of those plans into action before the HOT Tennessee summer hits.

Because I don't do "hot".

We are going to work on is our 'curb appeal'. Whatever one sees from when they pull into our drive and continuing all the way up to our front porch. This will include:

the mail box area,

the driveway itself,

the areas immediately around the north...

and east side of the house (that is where the butterfly garden will be)

and finally this front area and the porch/stoop.


  1. If you get all that done before summer, you can visit my house and do MY projects :-)

  2. Had to laugh at the "I don't do hot" line. Neither do I! ~Lili


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