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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Before and After: Office Bookshelves

Thought I’d show off my shelves I made over. These are the ones I did back in March when I was working on my books.

They started off at basic black metal shelves that came from the old hospital here in Clarksville. When the new hospital was built what wasn’t taken over was donated to the Habatate for Humanity ‘ReStore’ shop. (I love that place!)

To start I sprayed two coats of Rustoleum metal primer. I think that first coat looked pretty cool… I’m going to remember that look for a later project!

Then came three coats of Vespar paint from Lowes. I took time to let each cure up before putting on the next coat.

Here’s the finished shelves; in my office and loaded up. I even have space to work with!


  1. Those a really nice. I love to figure out ways to reuse stuff. Good job.

  2. I love your bookshelves! I grew up in Holland and everybody had bookcases in their living rooms s part of "must have" furniture. Then I spent some time in the US and people had no book cases at all or tney had them hidden away in the "den."

    Now, in the US, I often only see "book" shelves with vidoes or cds and no books at all. Whenever I am in a house that actually has shelves with books on them I am in love! I can see what people read, what makes them tick and so on. I do know that so much is online these days that people get their info and entertainment from the internet, but still, give me BOOK SHELVES!!

    Thank you for making me give this some thought again!

  3. I echo Miss Footloose. We always had books on shelves in our house when I was growing up. Shelves in the living room, family room, hallways, bedrooms. I can remember the first time we visited a friend's house and they had not one single bookshelf in sight...I was simply flabbergasted that an entire family could exist on this planet without a house full of books!

    Your shelves are GREAT. I really like the way they were "before," but I love the "after." Way to go!

  4. Your bookshelves turned out beautiful! I love the way you used two colors and the vase of flowers adds just the right touch to compliment the books!


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