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Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

What did you learn in 2009 that will help you make 2010 even better?

I learned that for friendship to happen it has to be a two way street.

Someone we knew died in early ’09. It was a relationship that we did 100% of the effort to maintain – we called, we went over to visit. They were very fun to visit and we always had a good time. But while they welcomed us and admonished us to come by more often, never once did they actually invite us. And they never accepted our invitations to our home.

Himself considered them friends. Apparently the lady who passed away considered us friends. I just couldn’t make that connection. For me, they were delightful acquaintances. I would have really liked to have considered them friends, but to me friendship is a gift given BOTH ways. BOTH parties make an effort to grow the relationship.

So I have learned that I need to make some more effort in a few relationships I have that I’ve let slip. And the relationships I have where I am carrying the weight, I’m going to talk with the person and let them know how I feel.

I have learned it is wonderful to be able to find something when I need it!

As I have worked on our home, I’ve been making serious efforts to declutter. Working in the garage and shed I found – to my irritation and embarrassment – 7 jugs of partially used windshield wiper fluid and 12 gas cans of various sizes. Obviously these things weren’t where I could get to them and I had to buy another. And that only a small example of too many other like finds. That’s just stupid.

My irritation gave me the motivation to really dig into my decluttering. By mid-January the upstairs will be absolutely decluttered and organized. By mid-February the downstairs will be done (my office has been the dumping ground lately). The shed will be done by early April (I only work out there when it’s warm!!!).

And I have learned that you have the choice to decide if you’ll live in contentment or frustration.

I have observed people in 2009 who have risen above what the world threw at them and had a joyful year (not to say that there weren’t difficulties and pain). Also I’ve observed people who made sure they wrapped those issues around themselves, making sure everyone saw their problems.

And I noted how each made me feel to be around them.

And I learned that I want to be content…


  1. Happy New Year Teri!
    I look forward to another year of the growth of our friendship, and our mission goals!

  2. Great aspirations, Teri! Here's to a year full of friendship, decluttered peace, and CONTENTMENT! Happy New Year!


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