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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The snow came

Early this month there was a prediction for a couple inches of snow... and Clarksville went into a frenzy. Ended up we only got about a half inch.

Thursday there was the prediction for 6 - 8 inches. There wasn't a parking space available Krogers. I wonder if there was any milk or bread by the end of the day. It was supposed to be here Thursday afternoon. But it didn't come. Then it was supposed to be here over Thursday night. But there was no snow Friday morning. It was supposed to come by noon. Not a flake.

Then at 1:30pm a snow bird came to the yard. And he brought the snow with him.

At first a little bit.

Then more...

And by evening it was piling up on the deck.

And Saturday morning I woke up to SNOW!!

The roads were a mess.

I didn't try to get out until around 4pm, and then only in 4 wheel drive.

It's amazing how snow makes ordinary things look pretty.

Even bark on a pine tree looks like art.

However, hawk was not impressed.

Neither were the girls.

But I like how the snow is like a canvas showing of details you'd normally miss.

Something that you'd never have seen...

Like a sunset on the snow.


  1. Snow is pretty! The bark shot is awesome. Here it's just cold to the bone, but no snow.

    Oh, and that old oar sounded so good..., and all the others things your husband fishes out of the sea. You must have quite a collection. Do you display it at home?

  2. Yes, I try to use the things he brings home. Our bedroom has a lot of the things in it (I've tried to make it have the "feel" of a northern beach without getting to 'themey' - if you know what I mean. Some is in the yard. Driftwood, stones and such. (We don't talk about shipping costs around here! LOL)


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