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Monday, October 12, 2009

The REAL spot...

One experience we had on the trip was both frustrating and hilarious at the same time.

In 2005 we went to MN and visited with a cousin of Himself for a few days. While there, Himself and ‘cousin’ shared genealogical information. For part of this, she took us to a cemetery where she said Himself’s grandmother, aunt and step-grandfather were buried. She told us there were no headstones for them. Once there, we stopped at a section with a big blank spot and she said that is where they were buried. We paid our respects and left.

Now…flash forward 4 years…

Himself and I had been discussing the fact that his grandmother did not have a headstone. Maybe it’s my “Southern” coming out… but that’s just wrong! So we decided to buy a stone for her and his aunt.

We drove to the St. Paul cemetery and went into the office. Besides running the cemetery they also sell monuments. Good deal!

The nice lady breaks out a map of the cemetery and starts looking up where the gravesites are. I vaguely remembered where we had been (it was next to the road) and pointed that area out to Himself. The lady gets a funny look on her face and slowly says, “Uh…no… that is not where they are at…”

She then continues on to say that not only are they not in that section… the grandmother and aunt aren’t even buried together… they are in totally different sections!

We burst out laughing! Yep… you guessed it. That wenchy cousin had no idea where they were buried. She just pointed to a big bare space and claimed it to be “the spot” so she would look like she knew something! I wasn't surprised...

The lady was very relieved that we were not angry. She said we wouldn’t believe the things she has had happen in her office. Oh yes I would!

Anyway, we got it all worked out. Himself picked a nice stone and we were taken to the CORRECT burial locations.

The REAL bare spot!

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