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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Connect with a teacher from Kenya

The other day I was on Himself’s computer and didn’t have available the bookmark to the web site of Kenya’s Kids in Need – where we sponsor children. Too lazy to go to my own computer, I did a web search for Galilee school Kenya.

Found what I was looking for AND found another site. Hmmmmm… So of course I checked it out. It was for Plant a Book International http://sites.google.com/site/plantabook/ Through reading the history I found out this is the “parent” organization of the child sponsor program.

But this program focuses on getting books into schools. Wow. And one of the schools they are working with is Galilee school.

Then reading more, I found they have a teacher sponsorship program in place at Galilee school. Galilee is in the Kayole-Soweto slums of Nairobi. Galilee area is a small shining place in a black hole of despair. The teachers here aren’t paid what they could get in other areas, they teach here because they believe in the program. But the reality of life too often steps in and they must take another job with a higher salary so to provide for their family.

For just $15 a month, one can sponsor a teacher to that they receive this stipend to their salary. You can write your sponsored teacher letters to encourage them. You can send small packages to them. You also have the opportunity to help more by purchasing basic classroom supplies in the organization’s “on-line store”. This on-line store is grand!! You purchase and pay by PayPal for the items you select. Once a month the organization wires the total over to Kenya where the school director Fanuel purchases in Kenya – AT KENYAN PRICES – the items. (This on-line store (OLS) is also a part of the KKIN program and works wonderfully – I’ve used it many times.)

So Himself and I have sponsored Eunice. She teaches at the high school. Her classes are Christian Religious Education and Kiswahili. She is a graduate of Kenyatta University. Married, she has 3 children.

A sponsorship would be a wonderful gift for or by a teacher or a classroom here in the US. Please consider it – Christmas is coming…


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