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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Quick Update

Life has been moving faster than normal. Seems like I have had no time to sit down and write for pleasure. So I'll give a quick update and then try to keep something going at a more regular pace.

Himself: He got back the end of August from a difficult season. Poor fishing and lots of injuries made it a long 3 months. He loved seeing our home set up, and is really getting into the work we need to do on it.

The House: Is coming along nicely. I had the upstairs finished be the time Himself got home. Since then we have made a major dent in the boxes that were stuffed in the garages. Soon we will be building the shelves to hold the containers for the things we want to keep (seasonal decorations, items from other countries, etc) and will be doing the final sorting. It will take a while to finish but will be well worth it.

The yard is a BIG task, as it’s been neglected for a while. First issue we have to deal with is some drainage problems. There’s a lot of washing when we have a heavy rain. A portion of the driveway is starting to look like a mini Grand Canyon! I also need to decide where I want my jonquils planted… and then get to planting! The iris and daylily beds need some serious attention before winter. The rest can wait until Spring. I’ll be spending the cold months sketching plans and ordering seed.

Wedding Bells: My sister is getting married in early November and I am her Matron of Honor. So all the wedding plans are thrown into the mix. I’m hosting a bridal shower at a beautiful B&B mid-October. It’s going to be a High Tea. I’m looking forward to it! Then of course there are all the things that need to be done for the wedding itself. Himself is going to be the usher.

The Trips: We decided we wanted to make a trip back up to MN to see the relatives up there. So we are heading up the first part October, coming back just a couple days before the shower. We will be back to TN by the 22nd. Then it’s back up to MO for the wedding on the 8th… and the 10th we leave for FL for our Panama Canal cruise.

Photography: I have a show coming up with the photography club in Nov. It’s a major exhibition at the Clarksville museum. The title is “The Nature of Light”. My work “Arctic Light” features photos I took while in AK this spring. I’m also working on a couple books on blurb.com that I would like to have done in a few weeks.

And there you have it. If I missed anything, drop me an email and I will fill you in.

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