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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Decision

I have made a major decision to join with a new church. I am now attending Grace Community Church http://www.gcomchurch.com/ .

It’s a new church, only a bit over 3 years old. It is Bible based rather than tradition based. Any Sunday could different, there is no set pattern followed that MUST be followed. No dress code. No “happy masks” required either.

Instead of Sunday School classes, people join “community groups” and fellowship over a Bible study that is picked by the group to meet their own unique needs. At this point, I’m doing a bit with the missions program. I’m glad to be a part of a team, as I need some time off from heavy-duty responsibility.

Himself and I have been struggling with the decision to come here, even tho we felt it was the right move. Speaking for myself, the past couple years I have been disillusioned and angered by things I have witnessed at our old church. I was in the office area a lot volunteering and working on things for the mission group I led, and I started seeing some serious unChristian attitudes and actions. It’s amazing what people will say without looking around to see who could hear them! A few very serious incidents happened in ’07 that compelled me to find another place to worship.

As I said, it was a hard decision to make. Partly because I knew that as soon as I started attending the new church I would become a pariah in the old one. As one person at the old church said, “…THOSE PEOPLE are the chaff that has been blown away from the wheat…” Ouch. It’s terrible when you feel led to join with another church but have to weigh it against the fact that friends you know at your first church will no longer speak to you when you do. But I guess it really drives home who is a “FRIEND” and who was actually just an acquaintance.

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