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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Worthless, pathetic person!!!

What am I so fired up about? Below is the open letter-to-the-editor I'm sending to our local newspaper about what happened this morning...

Dear Editor,

This is an open letter to the pathetic individual who dumped a ferret out along the river at 7:35am Saturday 22 August. You could have put a free ad in the Leaf Chronicle, or the Peddler, or on Craig's List. But no, you dumped this poor animal in my yard. Of course it won't come to me, so you have condemned it to a slow death of starvation. Perhaps it will be "lucky" and a coyote or dog will quickly end its misery. If I could have gotten the tag numbers off of your white extended cab GMC pick-up, you would have been turned in to the Sheriff. But you guiltily sped up that hill, didn't you? As it is, I hope the people who know you and wonder what happened to your pet will now realize what type of person you are.

THAT is why I am so angry...

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