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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Red Light Cameras

According to some of the "vocal locals" in Clarksville, the newly installed red light cameras at various high accident intersections are the first step towards becoming a communist city or getting "Big Brother" activated.

Please! Sounds like a lot of barking by folks who are guilty of running red lights.

As someone who has 3 times - by the grace of God - just barely avoided being T-boned in an intersection by idiots blasting thru a hot red light, I WELCOME the cameras! I wish every intersection had them. Maybe then you wouldn't have to sit at a green light waiting for people to stop running their red light.

Break the law - get a ticket. Works for me! And using 21 century technology to do it makes perfect sense.

Even sweeter... local cops are getting caught blowing thru lights on routine patrol.

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  1. We have a lot of these red light cameras in Wilmington. Most intersections have them and Doug got a ticket about 5 years ago from one. It was almost funny how he denied it was him until they had HIS PRETTY LITTLE FACE, an upclose of the tags, and an overall view of our car...

    Now as far as the "vocal locals"... this should be the LEAST of their concerns regarding BIG BROTHER. What about this health care bill? They should be more worried about that!


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