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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where did the month go?

I used to think my grandmother was silly when she talked about time speeding by. But now I get it. While time is constant... our perception of it changes as the years pass. Responsibility and a never ending to-do list make one wish for a "stop time button".

Tomorrow is the 1st of July. A third of my summer is gone. However... a third of my to-do list is NOT gone. Time for some major regrouping to come up with a new plan.

Now that doesn't mean I've been slacking here! The new driveway is in and yard drainage is corrected (thank you Harry!). Good progress has been made in organizing my office. My new outdoor furniture is on the deck, with the old stuff removed. The rose bed is almost done...it will be done tomorrow! DVDs/videos are sorted-culled-organized. Started painting in the garage. Scanned a bunch of old family photos. And a good amount of little things that have built up have been taken care of.

But still...

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