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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cruise: Aruba

After 2 days of travel 'at sea' we reached the island of Aruba. For some unknown reason, Princess had shortened the time we would have there so that all the longer tours had to cut out a portion -- tho there was no cut in the price we had to pay! For us this meant our snorkeling trip did not go to the ship wreck and a coral reef, we went only to the wreck. Personally I wish they had cut the "lunch" portion and let us be in the water longer... after all, we had to be back to the ship by 12:30pm and that is plenty of time to catch lunch on the ship.

As it was, we had 45 minutes in the water of a shuttled oil ship from WWII. The corals have built up on it and the fish have made it their home. They were such beautiful blues and yellows and silvers and black & whites.

From there we went to a place along a beach where we had lunch. Himself and I ate quickly so we could shop and walk along the beach for a while. Too soon we were headed back, running late because the young men who ran the tour were in no hurry and knew Princess wouldn't leave without us.

Our little excursion catamaran.

Enjoying the ride.

Our laid back "captain" Edsel.

And Alex.

Ready to go snorkeling.

Beautiful fish at the wreck.

The beach.

Himself at lunch. Talk about a "water front" table!

This painting of a divi-divi tree is our souvenir from Aruba.

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